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Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) contain the conditions for the use of the Land of Heroes online game (the "Game") available on the website (the "Website") or in the client by the user or the visitor (hereinafter: User) using the Website in any other way. Participation in the Game may only take place with full acceptance and compliance with the provisions of these GTC. By registering or starting to participate in the Game, the User accepts the provisions contained in these GTC, considers them to be binding on him / her!


The prerequisite for using the online game and other services operated by Land of Heroes is user registration. Registration for natural persons can only be done by filling in the registration interface on the official website of the Land of Heroes.

A minor may use the site only with the express consent of his or her legal representative. By submitting the registration, a minor assures the operator of the Land of Heroes of the consent of his or her legal representative. When registering, the user must provide their player name and an email address registered in their name. The player name chosen must not be offensive, obscene, intimidating, product-promoting, misleading, infringe the rights of third parties, or violate public morals.

It is forbidden to register e-mail or web addresses as player names. The user is responsible for the authenticity and completeness of the data provided. The user is obliged to inform the Land of Heroes operator of any future changes to the data provided during registration, in particular his e-mail address. The user is obliged to prove the authenticity of his data upon request.

Proper registration and acceptance and confirmation by the Land of Heroes entitles the user to use the database management service provided by the game operator. The registration interface is available here.

Report a data change: [email protected]

Registration must be done in person. All automated solutions to complete the registration interface or during the game are prohibited. The condition of the game is that each instruction (click, type) takes place directly from the registered user and his express will.


The game can only be used with a client that can be downloaded from the official website of Land of Heroes. The client is the property of the operator of the Land of Heroes website, the free use of which is authorized by proper registration.

The client may only be used to participate in the Land of Heroes game, its use for any other purpose is prohibited. It is also forbidden to manipulate the client in any way, to intervene in it, eg to change, decrypt or reverse program code. Reproduction of the client software is permitted to the user only to the extent necessary to use the software.

All forms of commercial use of the software are prohibited. The registered user downloading the client is responsible for complying with the above rules. Violation of the rules for using the client will result in permanent disqualification from the game and the initiation of appropriate legal proceedings. You can download the client here.


The operator of Land of Heroes is constantly improving the game. Accordingly, the user can only participate in the current version of the current online game and other services. Registered users are free to use the game, however, some services or certain features can be used by the user for a fee.

We provide information on the type of paid features, especially the function of each feature, the duration of access to the paid feature, the amount of the fee to be paid, and the available payment methods in the description of the given paid service. If a minor user wishes to use a paid property, he must prove that he has received the financial means necessary to pay the fee for the use of the paid property from his legal representative for this purpose or for free use. The operator of Land of Heroes is not entitled and obliged to verify the authenticity of the data provided by users.

If it is subsequently established that the user has provided false information during registration and based on this, or on his or her previously unannounced minority, or the lack of consent of his or her legal representative, the Land of Heroes operator will be required to repay the game or property, the operator is not obliged to meet these needs, to reimburse the services already used.


With regular registration, the user is entitled to create at most 4 user accounts ("account"), which the user administers himself. Any transfer of the user account is prohibited. The user account can only be managed by the user who created it, who is fully responsible for using the user account. Unauthorized access to a user account is a cybercrime that violates not only the user terms but also the law. All data (eg e-mail, account ID, password) required to log in to the user account and perform operations in it is confidential.

The owner of the secret is the user, who is obliged to protect this data. The user may not disclose this information to anyone (i.e., no relative, acquaintance, other user, or Land of Heroes operator)! Under no circumstances may anyone on behalf of the Land of Heroes operator request this information from the user. If anyone (even on behalf of the Land of Heroes) requests the release of the data, it must be denied and the Land of Heroes operator must be notified immediately.


The user is entitled to place virtual objects (hereinafter: objects) duly acquired during participation in the game or available for use in exchange for a virtual currency (Dragon Coin) via the official website of the Land of Heroes in his / her user account. As part of the operators database management activities, the operator undertakes to register only these objects.

Only the user associated with the user account is authorized to use the items registered in the user account. This user is responsible for the proper use of the objects. In view of the above and the rules discussed under the "User Account" section, the user may not plead that someone else had possession of the items in the event of improper use or possible loss of the items. Only in the event of a database management error (program error) makes the Land of Heroes operator undertake to check in its records the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of items that may be missing from the user account.

The Land of Heroes operator will only restore the user account (and its contents) to its previous state in the event of a database management error (program error).


Registered users are entitled to trade in items they have legally acquired with each other during the game. The virtual currency used in trade with each other is “Yang”. Yang cannot be exchanged for either the Dragon Coin or any legal tender, it is only used to determine the value of the items in the game and to settle between users.


Dragon Coins are ordered for HUF and EUR at the general and occasional (special) exchange rates found on the website. To pay the consideration is the database management activity of the Land of Heroes game operator.

The ordering process:

  1. For credit and debit card payments, the Land of Heroes website redirects the user to the online payment interface of the respective contracted financial service provider, where the system automatically credits the amount of Dragon Coin in the user account according to the current exchange rate by entering the requested card details. The Credit Card payment method can only be used with your own credit card!

A Dragon Coin order is possible, from anyone, to any user, as long as the person making the payment has control over the amount paid.

The operator of the Land of Heroes is not responsible for abuses, scams, "fake" orders related to the Dragon Coin. Everyone should only order through someone they trust!


The user acknowledges that the use of the Land of Heroes game carries the same risks as online games and other applications operating on the same principle, or the use of the Internet in general. It is not the responsibility of the Land of Heroes game operator to communicate these risks.

The user is aware of the risks and assumes them. In the event of external influences on your user account or any of your hardware and software, you may not plead that they are uninformed or negligent on the part of the game operator.

Based on the above, the operator of the Land of Heroes game is not in a position to compensate, remedy, or restore the previous contents of the user account to the user account caused by possible user negligence, irregular or illegal means.

Obligation to provide information

All users must report any external or apparent irregularities to the operator so that the operator can take the necessary steps to protect himself or other users from possible negative consequences.

Based on the notifications, the operator will take measures to the extent possible to eliminate the effects that actually endanger the game or user accounts by legal means. Land of Heroes reserves the right to review content posted by users, to delete infringing or suspicious content, but does not have the ability to continuously review such content. If the user detects suspected illegal content, he is obliged to report it to the Land of Heroes operator.

To you provide information, write an e-mail here: [email protected]


If the operator of Land of Heroes has any data indicating an abuse of the user or the game as a whole, he is entitled to temporarily restrict the user's access, certain features of the game or access to the official website of the game. Restrictions on user access will be lifted once the suspicion of data misuse has been resolved. The operator of Land of Heroes strives to operate the game non-stop in addition to the above, but cannot guarantee it.

Rules of conduct when using the game

  1. It is forbidden to violate the rights of other players to play or enjoy the game in any way.
  2. It is forbidden to exploit any error in the game or to use it against others.
  3. It is forbidden to use terms that are offensive, obscene, obscene, hateful, pornographic, dangerous to minors, or endanger the development of children and minors during the game.
  4. Do not "spam"! This means that, do not send unsolicited messages en masse or regularly!
  5. Help your fellow players, don’t take advantage of their ignorance.
  6. It is forbidden to “fight a war” with a pre-agreed result in the game.
  7. Be friendly and sporty with your teammates!
  8. It is forbidden to make any offer or invitation to a user account for the sale or purchase of any real or virtual currency.
  9. It is forbidden to send meaningless strings or load the game resources with text that is longer than necessary.
  10. It is forbidden to disclose any personal or user data during the game or to invite anyone to disclose such data. The Land of Heroes shall not be liable for any negative consequences or damages resulting from such situations.
  11. It is forbidden to run or use any application while using the game that endangers or interferes with the operation of the website or the game.
  12. The user is prohibited from accessing data to which the user is not authorized. Retrieved content may only be retrieved in a form and manner that does not interfere with other users. Sending data or software that may affect the recipients' hardware or software is also prohibited.
  13. Use of the game through services that do not make the IP address visible is prohibited.
  14. The user is prohibited from engaging in any activities that may result in an overload of Land of Heroes resources. The user is prohibited from blocking, overwriting or modifying the content related to the game, or from any interference with the game.
  15. The use of scripts and partially or fully automated programs that give the user an advantage over other players is prohibited.


The operator of Land of Heroes reserves the right, on the one hand, to judge whether the user's conduct may violate the Terms of Use and, on the other hand, to select and apply a sanction proportionate to the gravity of the violation.

This may be:

  1. Warning the user
  2. Temporary or permanent exclusion of a user from the game
  3. Permanently ban a user or its data traffic from specific IP addresses or IP address ranges


Any verbal or physical act of racism or against any explicit ethnic group is punishable by the most severe penalty (permanent expulsion).


Any comments or complaints about the user account can be sent from the e-mail address provided during registration at the user account or from the “support interface” on the website. The Land of Heroes operator will only respond to comments sent in these ways, providing support that will only be sent to the email address provided during registration. We will respond to inquiries within a maximum of 30 days. At the same time, we strive to help our users as soon as possible. Comments about user accounts sent from Other Addresses will not be handled by Land of Heroes, even if the message is sent by the same person who is authorized to dispose of the user account.

The game is coordinated (according to the level of authority, starting with the highest level coordinator):

  • CoMa (Community Manager)
  • GA (Game Administrator)
  • SGM (Senior Game Master)
  • GM (Game Master)
  • TGM (Trial Game Master)

hereinafter referred to as Team Members -

It is the responsibility of the listed members of the Land of Heroes team to help resolve issues that arise during the game. They do not have the authority and ability to give virtual objects or means of payment, or to support characters in any way. Their decisions are made based on the terms of use. Users are obliged to respect these decisions. If GM, SGM or GA has made a decision contrary to the Terms of Use in a particular case, it is possible to contact one of SGM, GA or CoMa (i.e. a higher level coordinator). In this case, the higher-level coordinator involved in coordinating the game will re-examine whether the GM, SGM, or GA decision is indeed in conflict with the user terms and, if so, has the authority to override the decision. If a Team member decides to exclude or permanently ban a user, it will always be reviewed by a higher level coordinator. The decision of the highest level coordinator (CoMa) is considered final and regular by the current operator of the Land of Heroes.

If a sanction has been applied against a user, it is possible to complain about it in the support interface.

Coordinators have the right and duty to constantly monitor forms of behavior that violate the User Code on all surfaces of the game and to take appropriate action if they are detected (eg delete offensive comments, call for compliance with the Code of Conduct, apply sanctions).

In case of a complaint, write an e-mail here: [email protected]


The parties agree that the court of the domicile of the Land of Heroes operator, as agreed by the parties, shall have jurisdiction over all disputes arising in connection with the Land of Heroes game.


At the request of the user, the Land of Heroes operator is obliged to terminate the User account. By deleting the user account, the account will no longer be accessible to the user, but the user's data will be retained in our register for quality assurance reasons and in order to fulfill the obligation to provide official data in accordance with the rules of the data management chapter. The Land of Heroes Operator has the right to delete Users and User Accounts that have not been accessed for more than 90 days. If the user wishes to maintain them for more than 90 days, this intention must be indicated here. The signal must be repeated here every 90 days.


Land of Heroes protects and manages users ’personal information provided during registration in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. User hereby irrevocably consents to the registration and full management of the data provided during registration by the Land of Heroes operator.

The User hereby irrevocably consents to the Land of Heroes recording user login data, time spent in the game, and transaction data related to items acquired during the game in order to verify the operation of the service and prevent abuse during the visit to the website.

The User hereby irrevocably consents to the Land of Heroes recording the messages sent by the user to another user or operator and any other personal data provided by the user during the visit to the website for quality assurance purposes.

The scope of the managed data: name, user name, e-mail address, IP address, game, date and duration of the transaction, the subject and text of the user's message, as well as any other data provided by the data subject in the message

Land of Heroes will delete the data listed in the first paragraph of this chapter if it is expressly requested by the user. If a User has used a paid service during the game, or has traded between users, or is involved in the investigation of another user problem, the operator of the Land of Heroes retains the data in view of the limitation period (5+ years) specified in the accounting and taxation legislation.

Deletion or modification of personal data can be initiated by writing to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Under no circumstances will the Land of Heroes transfer the data it manages to third parties, except as provided by law. Land of Heroes applies extensive technical and operational security measures to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of the personal data processed. Land of Heroes selects and operates the IT tools used to process personal data during the provision of the service in such a way that the data processed:

  • accessible to those entitled to it (availability)
  • authenticity assured (authentication of data management)
  • unchangeable (data integrity)
  • be protected against unauthorized access (data confidentiality).

The Land of Heroes provides technical and organizational measures to protect the security of data processing that provide a level of protection commensurate with the risks associated with data processing. Land of Heroes ’IT system and network are all protected from computer-assisted fraud, espionage, sabotage, vandalism, fire and flood, as well as computer viruses, hacking and denial-of-service attacks. The operator ensures security through server-level and application-level protection procedures.

We inform users that electronic messages transmitted over the Internet, regardless of the protocol (e-mail, web, ftp, etc.), are vulnerable to network threats aimed at unfair activity or the disclosure or modification of information. To protect against such threats, the service provider will take all necessary precautions. It monitors the systems to record any security incidents and provide evidence of any security incidents. System monitoring also makes it possible to check the effectiveness of the precautions taken.

Users have the remedies provided by Sections 16A and 17 of the Data Protection Act in relation to the operator's data management.

Data and contact details of the data controller:


Land of Heroes reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. Users will be notified of the changed conditions no later than two weeks before they take effect on the game's website. If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid and / or inconsistent with law, it will not affect the validity of any other provision of these Terms of Use.

The invalid provision shall be replaced, by agreement between the Contracting Parties, by a provision which, in economic terms and for the purpose, is most lawfully similar to the invalid provision. The above regulation is valid in case of deficiencies.


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