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Welcome to the Land of Heroes

Immerse yourself in a world full of wonders and conquer the Land of Heroes! You can choose to be a warrior, an assassin, a asurian or a shaman but the path of your character depends only on you!

Fight the hardest dungeons

You can fight a lot of dungeons in groups - or alone if you're a lone wolf -, where you can achieve several valuable items! Get to the top of the game!

Breathtaking areas

Explore the beautiful world of Land of Heroes! Get to know different races, domesticate the wildest beasts and conquer all of this unqiue world!

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The story of the game

Long ago, in the magical land of Yongsa-Terra, harmony reigned under the protection of the Dragon Guardian. The Celestial Champions, bestowed with divine powers, kept the peace. One day, three enigmatic stones plummeted from the sky, warping the land and its inhabitants. As the corruption spread, Yongsa-Terra's balance faltered, and strife loomed on the horizon. A prophecy emerged, foretelling a new group of heroes who would restore Yongsa-Terra's balance and vanquish the stones' influence. These heroes would become the next Celestial Champions. Embark on a thrilling adventure to become a Celestial Champion and save Yongsa-Terra. Unravel ancient mysteries, unite with fellow heroes, and decide Yongsa-Terra's fate. Will you embrace your destiny or succumb to darkness? The choice is yours.

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