Designed to be new again

Our main design philosophy was to give our players the feeling of exploration like we all had back then. We wanted to create something new in addition keeping the characteristics of the original game - so we spent more than a year developing it. We considered all the player-types when our game design was created: achievers, explorers, killers and socializers.

We did not only want to be new - we wanted to be Land of Heroes

What features are in the game?


Each day you log in you will receive 5 - this is how much rolling the dice costs - some of the fields will give you special rewards


You can conquer even the skies! There are many mounts that give you the ability to fly (even on lower levels)

Achievement System

There are as many as 61 achievements in the game! Reach specific levels in a group, kill bosses, open stores, refine items to complete them!

War Ghosts (Susanoo)

Create your own war ghost that will fight by your side and attack your enemies with you (purple damage). Also you can equip special weapons to them


1000% rates every day

We believe what players seek are fun and success! Suffering in the game for each and every item after a long day at work or school is the last thing anyone ever need. We scaled up the whole game to bigger steps so that any time you play - even if just for an hour - we can make you feel it's a lucky day!

What other features can you see?

Reworked Guild Icons

Everyone is bored of the old and small guild icons... Here you can live your fantasy and upload special ones!

New attribute system & unique inventory

We reworked the attribute system! AVG and SKILL DMGs are rolled seperately from other attributes ... [hover for more]

Armor & Weapon Coloring

Create your unique equipment so everyone can see your artist-self!

Ingame Voice-Chat

We even have voice-chat in the game! Create a group and talk with your friends or dungeon-mates!


Currently we have 8 new areas to level up and 6 new dungeons to gather your equipment. We tried to bring some new mechanics to the game with every dungeon like helping the trader NPC go through a forest without being killed by monsters or killing two bosses with a few seconds time-gate to force people to play together and create a good community.


Featherless Forest (Lv. 60)

Dustless Desert (Lv. 100)

Hell-Fire Crater (Lv. 140)

Frozen Federation (Lv. 180)

Faithless Fields (Lv. 220)

Seaside Shire (Lv. 260)

The Great Grassland (Lv. 300)

Deceased Dale (Lv. 340)