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Character Information

offlineLv. 422Forrest1981

Chalijis Killer

Dagger of Ganesha+9
Min. lvl: 310
Damage: 2160-2594
Atk. Speed +34%
Strength against monsters +33%
Average Damage 35%
Skill Damage -9%
Strength against Undead +10%
Strength against Mystics +10%
Posioning prob. +5%
Strength against assassins +10%
Strenght against Elephants +5%
Fatal Damage +10%
Stone of Elephants+9
Aqua Stone Monsters+9
Aqua Stone Deathblow+9
[ Ninja ]
Armor of the Dead +9
Min. lvl: 350
Defense: 4464
Max HP +40000
Defense against monsters +5%
Dagger def. +10%
Wind resistance +10%
Melee dmg. reflection +6%
Fan def. +10%
10% damage will be absorbed by HP
Defense against shamans +5%
Strength against monsters +10%
Strength against bosses +12%
Aqua Stone Evasion+9
Aqua Stone Defence+9
Aqua Stone Haste+9
[ Ninja ]
Card of Grandiose
You receive 50% more exp.
Card of Wealth
You receive 100% more yang.
Reach level 50
One in a hundred
Reach level 100
Lady Luck
Finish a round on the boardgame
An apple every day
Reach 100 pts on CON
Whatever doesn't kill you
Reach 100 pts on STR
A pro is a pro
Reach 100 pts on DEX
Lucky Luke
Reach 100 pts on FOR
Count on death
Kill the Thanatos!

Lord of skice
Kill the Ice Witch!
The gardener
Kill the giant tree!
Weed control
Kill the tentacled leader!
Kill the rotting captain!
Ugly fish
Kill the puffer fish!
The horror of Cthulhu
Kill the mutant octopus!
Kill Ganesha!
Make 5 exchanges with other players!

Young Coupe
Make 50 exchanges with other players!
Nightmare of the Market
Make 100 exchanges with other players!
Money talks!
Make 200 exchanges with other players!
Buy 100 items from NPCs!
Enemy of the blacksmith
Upgrade 15 items to level + 9!
Friends are the family of our choice
Have 50 friends on your friends list!
It's easier together!
Achieve 5 level ups in a group!
Unity is strength
Join an existing guild!