Barion Pixel

Character Information

offlineLv. 423Dead

Cthulhu Killer

Card of Grandiose
You receive 100% more exp.
Reach level 50
One in a hundred
Reach level 100
Lady Luck
Finish a round on the boardgame
An apple every day
Reach 100 pts on CON
Reach 100 pts on INT
Whatever doesn't kill you
Reach 100 pts on STR
A pro is a pro
Reach 100 pts on DEX
I'm not that dumb as I seem!
Kill the Owl King!

Lord of skice
Kill the Ice Witch!
The gardener
Kill the giant tree!
Kill the rotting captain!
The horror of Cthulhu
Kill the mutant octopus!
Make 5 exchanges with other players!
Young Coupe
Make 50 exchanges with other players!
Open your own shop!
One bar, not bar
Redeem 100 gold bars!

Buy 100 items from NPCs!
Without a worm!
Catch 1 fish!
It's easier with bait!
Catch 50 fishes!
Enemy of the blacksmith
Upgrade 15 items to level + 9!
Friends are the family of our choice
Have 50 friends on your friends list!
Unity is strength
Join an existing guild!